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RaceTime – GPS lap timer and telemetry to run correctly needs an Android smartphone with data service and GPS. Data service (Wi-Fi or Network service provider) is only necessary to download and update the circuits, not during laps or tours.

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GPS lap timer

For all riders

For Racetime, opinions and advices of the drivers are very important, we are open to any proposal or innovative idea. From this page you can communicate with our staff, and from this you can notify the circuits are not yet present in the app.


GPS chrono

GPS Lap timer

Racetime offers a readable and reliable GPS lap timer, with the ability to save your runs, to consult them, analyze them and share them, thanks to bike telemetry and kart telemetry system. The lap times will be reliable even with the low quality smartphone GPS thanks to the trajectory interpolations made in real time.


GPS tracker

GPS Tracker

Racetime can also be used outside the circuits. A tracker will keep track of your tours by recording your trip and all the data from the smartphone. Even the tours, you can analyze them and share them by smartphones, tablets or PCs from your PRO account.


GPS speedometer app

GPS Speedometer

It included also the speedometer function, useful for various needs, keeps track of speed, distance and acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h


telemetry app for smartphone

ECU Connection

Racetime gives you the ability to connect via bluetooth your control unit to your smartphone, to view real-time data coming from your bike. You can also record data during your laps or your tours and cross them with the information coming from the GPS and smartphone. You will be able to connect RapidBike ECU with BlueBike device, or general purpose ECU with ELM327 device.


GPS lap timer for bikes and karts

RaceTime PRO

By joining Racetime PRO you have a data analysis tool worthy of the best Racing Team, upload your runs on your account and analyze them from any computer or tablet without having to install any additional software. You can analyze lap by lap, meter by meter your trails, with charts of all recorded data. This will give you complete telemetry bike and telemetry kart tool for your sessions.


GPS lap timer live

Live Timing

By enabling this option you let anyone follow your laps live on this page, from any computer or tablet. The mechanics of the pits, friends from home, your supporters from anywhere in the world can see live the evolution of your times on the track.


Telemetry for bikes

Lean Angle

Among the Racetime options you can also find the lean angle registration, placing the smartphone on your bike you can detect the lean angle in every corner and deepen your analysis.


Telemetry for karts


Another option, the recording of the lateral g-force, especially for those who use the kart or other vehicles with 4 wheels. For every corner, every braking, each acceleration, RaceTime record G-force experienced by the rider and vehcle.


Features of the app GPS chrono and telemetry:

  • Compatible from Android 5.0 (of course, also with all later versions of Android)
  • Download and update the circuits for different regions
  • Upgrade the tracks without downloading patches to the application
  • Direct support of the developers for adding new tracks
  • Automatic detection of the track when you are close to the Circuit
  • Automatically detect the language (English or Italian)
  • Real-time display of position on the track
  • Real-time display of the chrono of the run
  • Real-time display of speed
  • Real-time display of lap time improvement
  • Acceleration measurement with graphics for better analysis
  • Visualization, in real time, of the previous lap time and best lap time
  • Record the timing of the run to be consulted at a later time
  • Consulting practice of runs divided by days and times
  • Ability to delete run to free memory
  • Saving individual laps of the run with a breakdown per split
  • Indication of the best lap and the difference from it and from the previous lap, for each lap and each split
  • Indication of the maximum speed for each lap
  • Ideal lap calculation for every run
  • Detection of crossing the finish line with calculation of the trajectory, for a minimum approximation
  • Ease of use thanks to the clear and intuitive graphical design
  • Locking the standby for the screen always active during run, to observe all the information at a glance

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