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With Racetime PRO is possible to exploit the full potential of Racetime and common smartphone’s GPS to get a tool for analyzing the performance on the track, worthy of the best Racing Team.

RaceTime pro Lap TimerWith this tool any rider can learn the secrets of the circuit, focusing on his own strengths and analyze his mistakes and weaknesses in order to raise more and more the level of his performance on the track.

Through the reserved area, Racetime PRO allows you to save and analyze deeply all loaded PRO Runs.

The opportunities offered by Racetime PRO are available for all riders who have installed Racetime (since version 2.2), and after a simple and completely free registration, you can record runs and upload them on racetimeapp.com to review with accuracy every detail of laps, point by point:

  • path display directly on the map of the track, with the possibility of zooming in and out
  • indication of the speed for each detection point, to allow the rider to know his distance curve and to compare the trajectories and traveling speed
  • visualization of the complete summary of all the runs, all the lap times and split times recorded all will always be available
  • complete real time simulation of the run’s progress directly on the map displaying the position on the circuit and the speed step by step
  • ability to select only a few laps of the run in order to focus the analysis on the most important laps
  • construction of the speed variation graph during the entire run, with highlighted the individual laps selected
  • thanks to Racetime PRO the runs loaded in the reserved area will always be available, you can delete these run from your smartphone to free some memory without losing any ride, but having a more powerful tool for performance analysis

Lap Timer for Android These innovations transform RaceTime into something that is much more than a simple GPS laptimer, much more than a simple chronometer, but make it an indispensable tool for accurate analysis of laps without any economic investment.

This is Racetime PRO, and is available right now by downloading and installing Racetime, no additional cost compared to the price of the app.

For more information on how to subscribe, analysis and functioning of Racetime PRO See the manual.

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